We help your whole family to see better with our holistic approach to vision

Independant professional who works remotely to help with your business.

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We help your whole family to see better with our holistic approach to vision

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The Fire Station Optometrists work closely with your doctors and eye specialists to ensure you and your family receive the best possible care for your eyes and vision.

Regular eye examinations are as important as any other health check as we only have one pair of eyes. Our aim is to keep your family’s eyes healthy so you see clearly in all aspects of your life.

A proudly independent local practice based in Mount Gambier, we choose the best eyewear to suit our patients and are not tied to a particular brand.

Getting value for money doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can choose from the extensive range of contact lenses and glasses frames we have on offer. Adult and child ranges are available in premium designer looks and more economical options.

Lots of reasons to choose Fire Station Optometrists

You won’t be treated as a number

We take the time to understand you and your needs.

You can see locals who have big-city expertise

We live in, care for and have supported our local community for 27 years.

You will be seen by experts in the field of eye disease

We have the expertise to manage eye disease locally.

Your tests will use state-of-the-art technology

Get the very best for your eye health.

You can get help for dry-eye symptoms at our dry-eye clinic

Advanced treatment options available to relieve your pain faster.

You can choose from new ranges every month

You’ll never get bored seeing the same tired frames.

Opening Hours

MONDAY 9am – 5pm
TUESDAY 9am – 5pm
9am – 5pm
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FRIDAY 9am – 5pm


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Our Services and Technology

Contact Lenses
We are the leaders in contact lens fitting and will make sure you are comfortable. Contact lenses are a great alternative for those who want freedom from glasses.  LEARN MORE

Dry Eye Treatment
This disease can escalate and become very uncomfortable and even painful. Get relief  with an assessment to help you manage your condition. LEARN MORE

Children’s Vision
We understand how crucial early detection and treatment of vision problems in children is. The earlier a problem is identified; the more effective treatment can be. LEARN MORE

Book an Eye Test
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Our Guarantees
2 Year Frame Guarantee

Broken or damaged frames? We’ll repair or replace them for free, if purchased in the last two years. (Some economy ranges have a 1 year guarantee)

2 Year Lens Guarantee
The quality of your lenses is fully guaranteed for two years after purchase.

30 Day Exchange
We’ll replace your frames within 30 days if you’re not entirely satisfied.

Prescription Alteration
If your Optometrist changes your prescription within three months, we’ll replace your lenses for free.

Lifetime Service
We’ll happily adjust, clean and service your glasses, any time, for free.

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