To enable clear vision your choices are almost limitless!

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You can choose from a wonderful range of coloured or metal glasses frames, or contact lenses that provide clear vision and are available in a few different types.
Contact lenses are available in:

Soft lenses:
The most popular choice, they are comfortable and easy to use. The lenses are made from flexible plastic that allows oxygen to reach your eyes.

Soft lenses are available in different replacement timelines – from daily disposables to extended wear lenses.

RGP (Hard) lenses:
Rigid lenses are made from durable plastic and provide excellent vision correction, particularly for those with astigmatism or irregular corneas. The lenses usually require a slightly longer initial adjustment period compared to soft lenses.

Lens Replacement Schedules

Daily disposables: The ultimate in convenience, these lenses are worn once and discarded, eliminating cleaning routines. Perfect for active lifestyles or those prone to allergies.

Two-week replacement: A popular choice, offering a balance between convenience and cost-effectiveness. They require cleaning and storage in solution overnight.

Monthly replacement: The most economical option, requiring regular cleaning and disinfection. Ideal for those comfortable with a care routine.

Extended wear: these lenses are designed to be worn during the day and also overnight for around a week.

Specialised Lenses

Toric lenses: Designed to correct astigmatism, these lenses have different powers at various points to address the irregular corneal shape.

Progressive, bifocal and trifocal lenses: These lenses offer clear vision at all distances, ideal for those needing correction for both near and farsightedness.
Coloured lenses: Want to subtly enhance your eye colour? These lenses come in different coloured tints while still offering vision correction.

Ortho-k Contact lenses: Orthokeratology (ortho-k) gently reshapes the cornea with custom overnight contacts to temporarily modify or eliminate vision errors – usually short sightedness.

These lenses provide clear unaided vision through the day without the risks of refractive surgery.

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Why Consider Contacts Alongside Glasses?

Both contact lenses and glasses provide good clear vision for their wearer.

Contact lenses offer:
Unrestricted field of view: Perfect for sports, activities, or professions where glasses might be cumbersome.
Enhanced peripheral vision: Contacts provide a wider range of vision compared to glasses.
Comfort during exercise: No more foggy lenses or glasses bouncing around during physical activity.
Confidence: Contact lenses can provide a more natural look for some people.

Glasses: are often a better choice for those people with allergies or sensitive eyes. Plus glasses now come in a vast range of fashionable colours, materials and shapes, so you have endless style options to change your look as often as you wish.

Maintaining Optimal Vision with Regular Eye Care

Regardless of whether you choose glasses or contacts, regular eye examinations are crucial for maintaining healthy vision. Your optometrist will assess your specific needs and recommend the best lens type for you. We can also guide you on proper lens care and hygiene practices to ensure the safety and comfort of your lenses.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re curious about exploring contact lenses or haven’t had an eye exam in a while, contact us today. We can answer your questions and schedule a comprehensive eye examination to determine the best vision solution for you.