Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common condition

As the name suggests, it occurs when you have insufficient moisture in your eye. This happens because of either a lack of tear production or increased evaporation of the tear film.

As a result, your eyes may feel irritated, gritty or sore. You may see some redness and experience blurred vision. And even though it seems like a contradiction – dry eyes can actually make your eyes water excessively.

One of the treatments for this condition offered by our Practice is IPL Treatment.

DRY EYE medicine health care eyesight concept unrecognizable female shows her inflated red eye with blood capillary

Dry eye syndrome is a progressive condition, so it’s best not to let it go untreated.

What is IPL treatment?

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light”. The technology has been around for a while in other areas of health, particularly in the treatment of skin conditions, but now the technology can help people suffering from dry eye conditions.

The IPL treatment targets the blood vessels around your Meibomian glands, which are in your eyelids. These are tiny oil glands which secrete the oil that coats the surface of our eyes. The glands also help to stop our tears from evaporating. The oil and the water combine to create a tear film.

IPL treatment improves the function of your Meibomian glands and can provide improvement very soon after treatment – typically after only a few hours. The effect of treatment is cumulative, so the results get better (and last for longer) each time you have a session.

IPL is a non-invasive and gentle treatment so you won’t experience any pain at all. Each treatment lasts around 15 minutes.

The treatment offers long term relief, with more than 86% of patients experiencing an improvement after only three sessions.

If you’re interested in finding out more or if you would like an eye assessment to see if IPL treatments can help you, give us a call at The Fire Station Optometrists on on 8725 1303.