We recommend that every adult and child should have their eyes examined by an optometrist every one to two years, regardless of whether you’re experiencing any vision difficulties.

Most eye problems that can cause long term difficulty have few initial symptoms.

A comprehensive eye test takes about 30 minutes. If you feel you have complex requirements, it would be best to let us know when you book your eye exam, and we can ensure additional time is allocated do you.

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What happens at your appointment

First, your optometrist will have an in-depth discussion with you regarding your vision concerns and your visual requirements.

They will ask you questions about your health and if you have had previous eye issues. Some eye problems run in families, so your optometrist will ask if there is anything in your family history.

Your optometrist will take into account your daily needs – work and leisure time.

Your vision will be assessed through reading charts and if you have glasses or contact lenses, they will be checked on how they facilitation your vision.

Your optometrist will determine the lens prescription that gives you the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. They will also assess how your eyes focus and work together.

You may need more than one prescription for different tasks, such as reading, working at a computer and for looking at things in the distance (such as driving).

An eye test also provides a thorough examination of your eye health and gives us vital insights about your general health. Many eye conditions may be symptom-free for some time – making an eye test vital for early diagnosis.

Brands available

At the Fire Station Optometrists we recognise that everyone is an individual. That’s why we provide eyewear that is unique to our Practice.

How to choose the RIGHT glasses frames 

You may want to match your glasses to your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour:
Choosing for skin tone
Choosing for face shape
Choosing for eye colour
Choosing for hair colour