Choosing frames to make the most of your eye colour

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Blue eyes

To make the most of your blue eyes look for a frame in a contrasting colour. A bright red, pink, green, navy blue or black can make your eyes pop. Avoid very dark colours if you have pale skin. For a more understated look, choose a blue or grey shade to complement your eye colour.

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Brown eyes

Dark, brown eyes will look great teamed with bright-coloured frames such as red, blue, or green. Earthy tones match brown eyes well, such as tortoise-shell patterns, gold fleck frames, khaki green shades or deep burgundy frames. For a simple, classic look, black frames or a thin gold metal frame will look great.

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Green eyes

Highlight your green eyes with a dark contrast frame such as black, orange, or purple.  Green eyes also look wonderful with earthy tones such as tortoise-shell, deep brown, or burgundy. For a more unique look, you could choose brighter colours such as a cobalt blue frame or red. Avoid grey frames, unless it’s a dark grey, as a light grey will wash you out, particularly if you have pale skin.

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Hazel eyes

Your choice depends on what shade of hazel your eyes are. Some people with hazel eyes have more of a brown tinge, some have more green and others have a high more yellow or gold tone. Choose a frame that picks up on one of the colours in your eyes. Tortoise shell, a gold fleck and shades of green work well too. Black frames provide a classic solution.

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