Hair colour is another factor to consider when choosing your glasses frames.

If you’re not sure which colour to choose for your new frames, let us help you.

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Brown hair

Brown hair will look great with warm hued, dark frames – black, brown, burgundy or dark green.

For those who have dark brown hair, bright colours such as bright red, blue, or yellow can offer a stunning pop of colour and contrast.

If you have lighter brown hair, choose more earthy tones.

HAIR Brown

Blonde hair

Most colours can be worn with blonde hair – particularly light blonde hair.

Bright colours look great, as do cool pastels – blues, greys and shades of white. If you are more of a golden blonde, check out a tortoise-shell style, or earthy colours.

Black frames are also a good choice for blondes.

HAIR Blonde a

Black hair

Black hair will match with almost any colour frame – bright, dark, pastels, or simple black, white or grey.

Patterned frames also complement black hair. Avoid brown tones, unless it’s a tortoise-shell with black accents.

HAIR Black

Red hair

Red, orange or green frames are a fantastic match for red hair.

You can choose bright colours or dark and earthy tones.

Classic black, white or grey will also look great.


Grey hair

Grey hair looks superb with bright colours – especially if your hair is a light grey or white.

Cool colours and pastels will also contrast well, or if you prefer more simple tones, pair your hair with black or metal frames.

HAIR grey