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This February – See everything you love!

February is often thought of as the month of love – This Valentine’s Day make sure you can see everything you love with clear vision and stylish frames!

Show your eyes some love

  1. Get an eye check to make sure you can see everything you love clearly
  2. Fall in love with new frames from our latest range
  3. Take regular breaks away from screens
  4. Protect your eyes from UV rays with good sunglasses
  5. Eat well for your eyes – coffee, eggs, leafy greens, berries and salmon are all beneficial to eye health
  6. Wash your makeup off before going to bed. Sleeping in makeup can cause allergic reactions, bacterial infections and even a loss of eyelashes.
Love your glasses longer with these simple hints!

Where can I get my glasses adjusted?

We recommend bringing them back to us and we’ll adjust them for you – for free. We want you to be comfortable in your glasses.

What is the best way to clean my glasses?

Glasses should be cleaned regularly using a special lens cleaning spray. Or you can wash your glasses with a small amount of hand soap or gentle detergent in lukewarm water and then dry with a soft tissue to remove any surface deposits on the lens.

Then use your special glasses cloth to wipe off any remaining residue on your lenses to make them sparkling clean.

Do not use hot water, windex, methylated spirits or anything abrasive to clean your glasses as they can damage your frames or lens coatings.

Why can’t I use my t-shirt or another cloth to clean my glasses?

While this may be convenient, your t-shirt, an old rag, a paper towel, dish cloth or any type of towel, can contain abrasive particles and lead to scratches over time.

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How do I keep my glasses in shape?

Bent glasses are usually the result of accidentally being sat on, or when putting them on and taking them off our face. Glasses and sunglasses are designed to sit on your nose and not on your head—they can easily stretch out of shape if you wear them this way. You should always use both hands to put on and take off your glasses. It’s a good idea to put them away when you are not wearing them. This will provide many years of clear vision from your glasses.

Where do I put my glasses when I am not wearing them?

When you put your glasses down, always make sure that the lenses are facing upwards. This will help keep them scratch-free and damage-free longer. Even better, remember that glasses should only ever be ‘on your face or in the case’.